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Welcome.  On this website we present a variety of offerings from Michael and Rebecca McGoodwin and their extended families.  Regrettably, Rebecca Joyce Cardiff McGoodwin passed away July 13, 2017, but I hope to continue the web tradition we began and enjoyed together.  I apologize that I have been very slow to update this website since my wife's death.

Here we share some of our favorite photographs, art works, literature and course summaries, original articles, computer programs and databases, and other materials that we have created that seem suitable for public Web distribution. 

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What's New or Most Recently Updated
(at least in geological time)

Macroeconomics, 2017 (PDF)
Macroeconomics, 2017 (PDF)
  Credo for the Third Millennium, 2015 (PDF, dodo image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodo
Credo for the Third Millennium, 2015 (PDF)
Engineering Thermodynamics, 2016, image from NASA of axial compressor for turbine
Engineering Thermodynamics, 2016 (PDF)
Electrical Energy Systems, 2016 (image of slip in asynch motor Author=BurnsBurnsBurns)
Electrical Energy Systems, 2016 (PDF)
 Remote Sensing of Environments, 2015 (Death Valley)
Remote Sensing
of Environments, 2015 (PDF)

Black American Music, 2014 (Sam Cooke)
Black American Music, 2014 (PDF)
Atmospheric Chemistry: Air Pollution & Global Warming (Ozone Hole)
Atmospheric Chemistry:
Air Pollution & Global Warming, 2014 (PDF)

Stars, Galaxies, and Beyond, 2012 (PDF)
Atmospheric Science Introduction, 2011
Atmospheric Science Introduction, 2011 (PDF)
Space Physics, 2009 (Giant solar prominence)
Space Physics, 2009 (PDF)
Physiology of Higher Plants: An Outline (2008; Orchid and sansevieria painting by RCM)
Physiology of Higher Plants, 2008 (PDF)
Relativity Primer 2008 (Gravitational lensing)
Relativity Primer, 2008
Geological Time, 2010 (Earth NASA image 2002-02-08)
Geological Time, 2008 (PDF)
Notes of a Geobiology Watcher: An outline, 2007 (Radiolarians)
Notes of a Geobiology Watcher,
Or How to Love Your Bacteria, 2007 (PDF)

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Michael McGoodwin page
Rebecca McGoodwin page
Family page of Michael and Rebecca McGoodwin
Michael and Rebecca
McGoodwin Family
Wendy McGoodwin page
Christie McGoodwin Cheung and Kong Cheung Family (Engagement photo)
Christie McGoodwin Cheung
and Kong Cheung Family
McGoodwin and Cardiff Extended Families
Extended Families
Honoring McGoodwin and Cardiff Ancestors and Kin
Honoring Deceased
Ancestors and Kin
Wedding of Christie McGoodwin and Kong Cheung 9/10/2011
Slideshow of Wedding of
Kong and Christie

Hail to our new Conmander-in-Chief
Making America grate in pain

Art Compositions and Photographs;
Book and Course Summaries; Articles;
Computer Programs and Databases

Summaries, Commentaries, and Articles on Books, Plays, Courses, etc.
Summaries and Commentaries
on Books, Plays, Courses,
and Other Topics
Rebecca's latest paintings and plant lists (Crescent Beach painting by RCM)
Rebecca McGoodwin's
Gallery of Watercolors
and Plant Lists
McGoodwin Music Database
Music Database
P-Patch Vegetable Gardening (Squash blossom)
P-Patch Vegetable Gardening
(updated January 2016)
Quotations, Prose, and Poetry Database
Quotations, Prose,
and Poetry Database
McGoodwin Digital Photos and Art
McGoodwin Digital
Photo and Art Gallery
Other VG Computer Programs and Databases
Other Computer
Programs and Databases
Hiking at Mt. Baker with Views of Mt. Shuksan 2007
A Fine Hike at Mt. Baker
and Mt. Shuksan 2007 (Slide Show)

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